Projects in the District


Cabazon Park Expansion Project and Library

The Redevelopment Agency will begin design within 1-2 months on a new library facility to be located between the Cabazon Elementary School and the James A. Venable Community Center. The project will entail a 5,000 square foot library, a day care facility as well as a possible facility for the Cabazon Water District. An expansion of the existing park is also planned on the property located just east of the new Fire Station site.

Cabazon Sewer Project

The Redevelopment Agency will assist the Cabazon Water District by constructing a sewer trunk line that will tie in to a future sewer plant operated by the Cabazon Water District. This will help provide for future development in the community.

Eller Park Project

This proposed 5-acre park just south of Romoland Elementary School on Antelope Road will be a great addition to the community of Romoland. The park will include two half-court basketball courts, multi-purpose fields, a skate park and children’s play area with protective fall cushioning for safety. The skate park is a great amenity to this park as it allows young children a safe atmosphere to partake in skateboarding. The park also includes a 10′ decomposed walking trail along with picnic areas.

There will also be ADA accessible parking. Parents picking up their children from school will have a place to relax and spend time together before heading home. Upon completion of the construction of Eller Park, Valley Wide Parks and Rec will take on the maintenance of this new community park. This park truly caters to everyone!

Highgrove Sewer

The Redevelopment Agency has completed an infrastructure assessment for the Highgrove Community. This was an essential first step in determining how a sewer can be constructed. Later this year, a civil engineer will be hired to design the actual sewer system that will later be constructed in phases beginning at La Cadena moving easterly.

Heritage High School Stadium

Rendering of Football StadiumStatistics show that students who are involved in sports have positive social skills and a decreased susceptibility to obesity along with many other positive benefits.

The redevelopment agency is contributing $1.2 million to Heritage High School to assist with the lighting and seating of their stadium. Not only will the funding eliminate blight in Romoland but it will also help the future leaders of our State and Country, benefits that will last a lifetime.


Cabazon Fleet Services Building Project

Cabazon Fleet Services will be located on Main Street next to the Sheriff Station and Cabazon Water District. Fleet Services is responsible for managing the County’s light vehicle fleet proving reliable and safe transportation to County vehicles. It will consist of a 7 bay maintenance facility with offices as well as a 24 hour fueling facility for County vehicles with regular Gasoline, E-85 and Compressed Natural Gas. There is also a car wash and restroom facility. The services provided at Cabazon fleet are needed in this area.

Highway 74 Beautification Project

The Highway 74 Beautification Project entails street and landscaping improvements from and including the I-215 Interchange easterly to Palomar as well as Trumble Road from Mapes to Hwy 74.

  • The first phase is under construction and includes the full reconstruction of Trumble road to the ultimate street width, curb, gutter, sidewalk and street trees. Phase IB is the landscaping of the I-215 interchange. The plans should be complete within 6 months.
  • Phase II includes curb, gutter, sidewalk, street trees and bus turnouts from Trumble to Antelope Rd. Additionally, it includes a green screen on the south side of Hwy 74. It is composed of a wire mesh screen with potato and Carolina Jessamine vines that will eventually fully screen the industrial land uses to the south if Hwy 74. This screen will eventually run to Palomar, but will run to Antelope as part of Phase II. Phase II will also include the signalization of Sherman Rd at Hwy 74 and the construction of medians there as well. The plans for this should be complete in 6-12 months.
  • Phase III will continue the improvements with curb, gutter, sidewalk, street trees and bus turnouts to Palomar from Antelope Rd. The concrete culverts on the north side will be under grounded. Additionally, the Hwy 74 curve that begins at Antelope will be rebuilt allowing for more safety. The completion of this phase will follow Phase II. Construction of Phase IB, II and III all will be dependent on establishing a maintenance mechanism for the long term maintenance of the improvements.

The Romoland Community Center and Park Project

Romoland Community Center and Park Project came about from the County’s desire to provide a new facility for the community of Homeland and Romoland. This project is located on a 12-acre site on Briggs Road just south of the school at the southwest corner of Watson and Briggs Roads. The project will entail an approximately 15,000 square foot Community Center with a 12 acre park surrounding the building site. The community center will include a multi-use gym with basketball and volleyball amenities, multi-purpose rooms and a daycare.

Park amenities comprise ball fields, dual age play areas and picnic benches. The facility will be operated by Valley Wide Parks and Recreation District. The EDA has selected an architect and will start design development within 2 months. The project should take 9-12 months to design at which time construction could begin.

James A. Venable Community Center

James Venable Community CenterThe James A. Venable Community Center located on the southeast corner of Broadway Street and Carmen Avenue is a valuable family center. This 11,600 square foot community center includes community meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, an outdoor stage, and a gymnasium. Designed to provide the community of Cabazon with an array of recreational opportunities and social services, the center provides after school programs for youth, senior meals, church services and recreational activities such as volleyball, and the first basketball league in the community. The center is operated by the Family Services Association under a contract with the County of Riverside.

Main Street (Cabazon) Improvement Project

Main Street  (Cabazon) Improvement ProjectThe revitalization of Main Street in Cabazon is a high priority to the Agency. As the communities primary commercial corridor, it’s previously unimproved median and poor conditions contributed to blighting conditions in the area. In order to upgrade the area, the Redevelopment Agency reconstructed the Main Street median with new decorative river rock and street trees. Additionally, the roadway was improved with new curbs and gutters along the median, new street lights and a new layer of asphalt.

Cabazon Sheriff Station

Cabazon Sheriff StationAs part of the revitalization of the Main Street corridor, one of the Agency’s goals has been to eliminate outdated and blighted structures with new facilities. The location of the Sheriff Station was a previously abandoned hotel that was blighted, substandard in size, and contained hazardous materials such as asbestos. The conversion of this 2.25 acre parcel from an eyesore to an amenity was the first of what will be many transformations that will occur in the community. The construction of the new 15,000 square foot regional Sheriff Station resulted in the removal of blight and assisted in the prevention of crime by providing a police presence to the surrounding community. The facility replaced the existing leased space in the City of Banning and serves the unincorporated area in the Mid-county region of Riverside County.

Facade Program

Our facades program has been running wild in District 5, improving the exterior appearance of local businesses.

Reliable Tire

Reliable Tire Exterior Appearance BeforeReliable Tire Exterior Appearance After

This facade in Highgrove included new doors, windows, and metal canopies to match the appearance of the Sheriff’s station canopies. In addition, large 18″ illuminating channel letters are also installed to add a new feature to this building and attract more business. Before our facade Reliable Tire had no sign with their name on it.

Sadeq’s Market

Sadeqs Market Exterior Appearance BeforeSadeqs Market Exterior Appearance After
Good News Church

Good News Church BeforeGood News After

Valero Gas Station

Valero Gas StationThis facade was a fresh touch-up to a much deserving gas station in the community of Nuevo with the installation of five windows, stucco and a fresh coat of paint. Electrical was all installed to provide security lights around the building. All facades are completed in a safe working environment allowing the businesses to maintain open during the renovation.

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